Principle Investigator

Simona Bar-Haim

Simona Bar-Haim

Senior Lecturer, Head of the Laboratory for Rehabilitation and Motor Control of Walking,
Faculty of Health Sciences, BGU

Research Students

Ronit Aviram

Ronit Aviram, PhD student

Physical Therapy

Project: In the planning stages of a study comparing the influence of aerobic exercise to resistance exercise in adults with Cerebral Palsy.

Research interest: Child development and rehabilitation, sedentary behavior, physical activity physical training for children, adolescents and adults with neurological disabilities, Cerebral Palsy in particular.

Yogev Koren

Yogev Koren, PhD student

Physical Therapy

Project: VIsually Guided, NeurOmuscular Rehabilitation (VIGNOR): is a project aimed at promoting rehabilitation of walking and investigate cause and effect relationship between gaze, cognition and sensation to walking stability.

Research Interest: Motor-learning, rehabilitation, walking, fNIRS, dynamic-stability, vision.

Adi Tayer Yeshuroon

Adi Tayer Yeshuroon, MSc student

Physical Therapy

Project / Research interest: Vigorous exercise and components of motor learning in healthy adults.

Asya Mikhaylov

Asya Mikhaylov, MSc student

Biomedical engineering

Project: Investigating the connection between dynamic balance while walking and tactile sensation.

Research Interest: Motor control, Robotics, Biomedical Signal Processing, Biomechanics.
Inbar Kima

Inbar Kima, MSc student

Industrial Engineering and Management

Project: Examine training protocols to improve abilities of CP patients.

Batel Ben Ishay

Batel Ben Ishay, BSc student

Biomedical Engineering

Project / Research interest: An algorithm to reduce noise resulting from heart rate in fNIRS device used for functional neuroimaging, for walking rehabilitation in stroke patients and cerebral palsy patients.

Amit Richman

Amit Richman, Master student

Physical Therapy

Project: Association between reduced plantar tactile sensation and parameters of dynamic balance.

Research Interest: A pilot study comparing persons with chronic stroke and induced tactile hyposensitivity in healthy individuals.


Yuliya Berdichevsky

Yuliya Berdichevsky

Engineer of Physical Therapy Laboratories,

Faculty of Health Sciences , BGU

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